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Kyle working with a colleague with text Kyle Turner '15

Engineering Degrees - Online & Campus Majors

当你加入mg摆脱网站工程专业的社区时,学会用分析的头脑来处理问题. 通过对统计学的深刻理解来支持你的应用数学和科学技能, technical and quantitative knowledge, your degree prepares you for many industries.

Our curriculum mimics the work you’ll do in the real world, 充满了实践项目和经验学习,以及需要达成实际解决方案的理论. Our faculty members have worked in the field you want to break into, 让您补充您的课程与知识从今天的工程环境.

Make an impact when you earn your engineering degree at mg娱乐网十大网址, a university recognized for our innovative and transformative programs.

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